Purani Haveli

     Purani Haveli is located on the main road connecting Chatthha Bazaar and Dabirpura. This was once the residence of Mir Monin, the Prime Minister of Hyderabad during the rule of Quli Qutb Shah. As there was a mile long tall wall round this building, the grandeur of the building is not visible from outside. The 2nd Nizam Mir Nizam Ali Khan had taken over this from Rukunudhaulah of the Momin dynasty, in 1717. The main building is a symbol of 18th century European architecture. Sikander Jha lived here for some time and later shifted to Khilwat Mahal. Due to this, these buildings are called Purani Haveli. In this building complex, Ayina Khaana (Mirror House) and Chini Khaana (Chinese Glass House) were constructed. Sirajuddaulah, the 4th Nizam was born here itself. After that, the 6th Nizam Mir Mahboob Ali Pasha had a liking for these buildings and had converted them into his residence. The 7th Nizam, Mir Osman Ali Khan undertook many constructions in this building complex. There is a very sprawling garden in this complex. It is spread over an area of one lakh forty five thousand square yards. In 1971, this building complex was gifted to Mukkaram Jha Trust by Mir Barkat Ali Khan. A library was set up in the first building of this complex and it also houses the Trust Secretary. Prince Ajmath Shah's library is being run in the second building. As of now, Anwar Uloom Women's College is running in the third building, Setwin office is setup in the sixth building and Nizamia Women's College is being run in the seventh building. The old furniture of the Asaf Jahi kings lies in this building. Purani Haveli is completely under the control of Mukkaram Jha Trust. The Jubilee Pavilion Museum is being run on the top floor on the eastern side and Mukkaram Jha Technical Institute is being run on the top floor on the western side.